Constanze KrATZSCH


The german artist Constanze Kratzsch born 1984 and grew up in the GDR on the island of Rügen. She lives and works in Berlin.

The Photography series ‘Concrete mirror’ of the artist has been collected by the Berlin Wall Foundation in Germany.

Constanze Kratzsch was 2018 artist in residence at the Kunstgarten Graz (Cultural Area and Open Air Museum) in Austria.

Her artworks have been shown in the past at the Palazzo Ca' Zanardi in Venice and at the OnArt Gallery in Florence in Italy. 

In 2019 your works of art were represented in CICA Museum (Czong Institute for Contemporary Art) in Gyeonggi-do of South Korea and in the Cello Factory Gallery organised and run by the renowned (London Group) in London of United Kingdom.

Curriculum Vitae

International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media in Venice, Prof. Maix Mayer, Venice (Italy)

Ostkreuz School of Photography, Prof. Linn Schröder member of ‘Ostkreuz Agentur’, Berlin (Germany)

New School for Photography, Dr. Christiane Stahl leader of ‘Alfred Ehrhardt Foundation‘, Berlin (Germany)

Best Sabel School of Design in Berlin, Area of Expertise Photography, Berlin (Germany)

Graphics & Design School in Anklam, Prof. Otto Kummert, Anklam (Germany)

Artist in Residence

2018  Kunstgarten Graz - Cultural Area and Open Air Museum in Austria



Carl Zeiss Prize




Celeste Prize 


Swiss Photo Award 

The Aesthetica Art Prize 

Celeste Prize 

Solo Exhibition



Gallery Castle Klempenow - ‘Behind the time’, Klempenow (Germany)


2015 - 2016

The Visitor Center of Berlin Wall Memorial - ‘Beton Spiegel’, Berlin (Germany)



Gallery ORI - ‘Fiction’, Berlin (Germany)



Group Exhibitions


The Cello Factory Gallery  ‘London Group’, London (United Kingdom) 

CICA Museum - Czong Institute for Contemporary Art – ‘Abstract Mind’, Gyeonggi-Do (South Korea)

The Center for Fine Art Photography – ‘Landscapes – In Relation to the Land’, Fort Collins  (USA)

CICA Museum – Czong Institute for Contemporary Art – ‘Abstract Mind’, Gyeonggi-Do (South Korea)


Onart Gallery – ‘Physiognomy’, Florence (Italy)

Kunstgarten Graz Cultural Space area and Open Air Museum – ‘Around You and me’, Graz (Austria)

Photo Festival 18,  Zurich (Switzerland)

Kunstpause CH – Open Air Exhibition on the Zug Lake promenade, Zug (Switzerland)


Jorge Jurado Gallery – Alchemic Body, Bogotá (Colombia)

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art – ‘Electron Salon’, Los Angeles (USA)

Festival Photo Odessa days – Selected artists present their artworks on a projection wall ‘Jury selection projection’
, Odessa (Ukraine)
Les Boutographies Festival – Selected artists present their artworks on a projection wall ‘Jury selection projection’, Montpellier (France)
Aesthetica Art Prize – Selected artists present their artworks on a projection wall in the St Mary’s, York (UK)

XY Atelier Contemporary Art Gallery – ‘International Video Art Festival’, New York (USA)
Palazzo Bollani Dolfin – International Art Show – ‘Contemporary Venice Architectures of Identities’, Venice (Italy)
The Copenhagen Metro – Advertising poster ‘Copenhagen Photo Festival’, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Copenhagen Photo Festival – Selected artists present their artworks on a open air wall in the centre of the city, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Copenhagen Photo Festival – ‘Censored Exhibition’ presented in the building of the ‘Carlsberg’ terrain, Copenhagen (Denmark)
The Ferry Gallery – ‘The International Video Art Festival’, seleceted artvideos presented of the Bankokriver, Bangkok (Thailand)
BAC Gallery – ‘Hybrid memories’, Bogotá (Colombia)
Photo 15, Zurich (Switzerland)

Palazzo Zenobio – Final exhibition ‘International Summer Academy of Fine Arts and Media’, Venice (Italy)
Palazzo Albrizzi – International exhibition ‘Morphos – Sustainable Empires | Selected Works
’, Venice (Italy)
Palazzo Albrizzi – International Art Expo ‘pixel of Identities’ – part of the festival ‘Morphos’, Venice (Italy)
Photo 14, Zurich (Switzerland)


Kunsthalle by Deutsche Bank – ‘Macht Kunst’, Berlin (Germany)
Metropolitain Art Fair, Munich (Germany)


Castle Ritzebüttel – ‘Freedom’ (Funded by the Foundation of Lower Saxony) – 
Photography series ‘Concrete mirror’, Cuxhaven (Germany)
Gallery ORi – Final exhibition ‘Ostkreuz School of Photography‘, Berlin (Germany)

Ofr. Gallery – ‘G Technology Driven Competition’, Paris (France)
The Strand Gallery – ‘G Technology Driven Competition’, London (United Kingdom)
Janine Bean Gallery – ‘G Technology Driven Competition’, Berlin (Germany)

Environmental Photography Festival Horizonte Zingst – ‘Nature to go’, Zingst (Germany)


Catalogues / Magazine /Press 


Kaltblut Magazine  – Selected Paintings ‘This is a human‘

Kunstaspekte – International Exhibition announcements and artist Catalogue – Video Flap closed, monkey dead


The London Group 84th Catalogue – Film ‘Produce yourself‘

Nou Wave I – The Old Biscuit Factory Catalogue – Painting ‘This is a human‘

CICA Museum Exhibition Catalogue – ‘Contemporary Landscape‘ – Video ‘Flap closed, monkey dead‘


Kwerfeldein – Photography Magazine – Photography series ‘Forest dieback‘  

Kunstaspekte – International Exhibition announcements and artist Catalogue – Video ‘Offsite‘, Photography ‘Awareness‘

Ostsee Zeitung – Newspaper –  Article about the artist and the exhibition  – First overall concept ‘Behind the time‘

Art Exhibition Catalogue – Sankt Andreasberg –  Andreas Art Prize ‘Nature - Human‘, Photography ‘Ten

Brennpunkt # 34 – Magazine for Photography – First overall concept ‘Behind the time‘


Anima Mundi Venice Catalogue – Film ‘Iustitium/Stalemate‘, Video ‘Yes we are alone in this universe Maybe


Kaltblut Magazine  – Photography series ‘The woman’s identity

Hant Magazine for Photography # 7 – Photography series ‘Short Story
Boutographies # 16 Catalogue – The new talents of European Photography – Photography series ‘Short Story
Prism # 23 Photography Magazine – Photography series ‘The woman’s identity
Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology # 16 Book – Photography ‘Cormorant‘
Foto(nai) – Photography Magazine – Photography series ‘The woman’s identity

Contemporary Art Curator – Photography series ‘Short Story

Aesthetica Magazine – ‘Cormorant
Berlin Wall Memorial Collection – ‘Concrete mirror
Copenhagen Photo Festival Catalogue – Photography series ‘Short Story
Art Magazine – online interview to the photography series ‘The woman’s identity 

Photo 15 Zurich catalogue – Lighting installation Photography Triptychon ‘Fiction

Photo News – Photography series ‘Limit‘
Month of Photography OFF catalogue – Lighting installation Photography Triptychon ‘Fiction

Morphos Catalogue – Sustainable Empires Venice – Selected  –  artworks catalogue of the exhibition

Television channel rbb (Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg) interview about – Cranium Anima – Perception of metamorphoses 

5. European Month of Photography Berlin – C
ranium Anima – Perception of metamorphoses 
In Search Of Catalogue – Cranium Anima – Perception of metamorphoses 

Brennpunkt # 28 – Magazine for Photography – Cranium Anima – Perception of metamorphoses