October 2, 2012

Young Photography in Ritzebuettel castle, exhibition "Freedom"

with photographic works by

Jörg Brüggemann, Constanze Kratzsch, Alina Simmelbauer and Sandy Worm

from 2 September to 28 October 2012 at the Schloss Ritzebuettel in Cuxhaven


In the series "Concrete Mirror" in 2009, exactly 20 years after the Wall fell, I photographed the visitors an open-air exhibition at Checkpoint Charlie. In my work it comes to dealing with the past. The exhibition visitors in the foreground reflects the image in the background. Mirroring takes place. This viewer and Considered one will. Past and present merge into one image in which the viewer unconsciously itself becomes an actor of the image background.

Born and raised in 1984 on the island of Rügen, touched me the history of the GDR, as it is also the story of my own origins. At that time I was too young to understand the political context in which I grew up. The photo series is the farewell of my East German childhood that I remember as a wonderful childhood. When living and working in Berlin artist I feel confronted me with a lively culture of remembrance and invited to a critical analysis of the communist era. I takes the place of the viewer into my paintings and Reflect me before the events that I myself have not consciously experienced. Here I learn my limits, learn the wall and feel how hard it must have been at a time, not being able to live in freedom.


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© Constanze Kratzsch